Soil Stabilization

In 2021 USG is excited to add the expertise of the former Hi-Tech Soil Stabilization company into its service line. USG has an over 15 year track record of maintenance and repair of existing underground facilities and with the addition of geopolymer soil stabilization to the services, we are a one stope shop of trenchless rehab, both utilities and structures.

Along with our own dependable track record of experience and expertise, we tap into industry related knowledge sources such as product manufacturers, R&D chemists, and engineers. From this methodology we design the plan, define the scope, and execute the work with commitment and integrity.

Our unique understanding subsurface conditions and trenchless rehab techniques is a key to extending the life of a structure and/or utility. USG has a 25 plus year geotechnical engineer on staff to grasp the complex subsurface conditions and that will work with the Geotechnical Engineer of Record to develop a comprehensive soils stabilization solution. We also have staff with 11 plus year of geopolymer injection experience.

Our expertise and solutions go beyond the building’s floors with versatile polymer products that address challenges inside and outside the building.

Advanced polymer technology enables us to provide strategic, controlled injections of expanding, structural geo-polymer without excavation. This hydro-insensitive, environmentally-safe polymer can be used as an alternative to, or to augment traditional grout methods.

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Geopolymer Injections for Soil Stabilization

  • Concrete slab lifting, undersealing
  • Void and sinkhole remediation
  • Vibration dampening for equipment in place
  • Increase load bearing capacity

Geopolymer Injections for Infrastructure

  • Culverts
  • Detention/Retention basins
  • Outfall pipes
  • Injectable barriers, subsurface curtain walls
  • Manhole and pipe curtain grouting

Education and Training

Education in the latest technology keeps us on the cutting edge in all facets of our industry, while providing superior customer service. This mindset drives us to expand our capabilities to provide related services for an innovative approach to working with you to maintain your facility.

As part of our mission to collaborate and share this knowledge with our customers, USG has developed a CEU presentation that will give licensed professionals an opportunity to earn Professional Development Hours (PDH) towards their continuing education requirements, per Act 25 of 2010.

To learn more, or discuss scheduling a lunch and learn at your facility, please contact us as at or at 717-737-6092.