Damaged concrete floors are both unsightly and create tripping hazards. Repair these problems and level your floors quickly with USG. Our foam jacking service is minimally invasive and fast curing, for less disruption to the homeowner.

Residential Floor Leveling by Utility Services Group

Foam-jacking is a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to level residential concrete floors. Polyurethane foam is injected beneath the surface of the concrete floor. The foam then expands, bringing your concrete back to level, mitigating any tripping hazards, and returning your floor back to the picture of health. Our service works for any concrete floor within your home.

Save Your Home’s Concrete Floor With USG

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The signs of damage to your concrete floor may not be obvious. Here are the signs it’s time to call USG:

  • There are cracks in the concrete floor.
  • The joints of your concrete floor are no longer level.
  • There are pores on the surface of your concrete floor, also known as spalling.
  • There is soil washing away from around the foundation of your building.
  • There is mold growth inside your home, especially in the room where your concrete floor is.
  • There are gaps between the wall and the concrete floor, where they used to meet.

What sets our Floor Leveling Service apart from others?

  • Polyurethane cures quickly and your floor can be walked on again the same day as concrete leveling takes place.
  • Leveling your concrete floor does not require excavation, unlike traditional methods of repair.
  • Leveling your concrete floor is more cost-effective than replacement.
  • Replacement requires more labor, as well as more supplies.
  • Polyurethane is a long-term solution.
  • Foam jacking is less invasive, as it is done through small holes in your concrete floor.
USG Residential Floor Leveling

How does it work?

  • Polyurethane is water repellent
  • Polyurethane is durable and made to last
  • Polyurethane is eco friendly
  • Chemical grouting is efficient and effective
  • Chemical grouting is minimally invasive and cost effective
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