Bridge transition slab settlement can be dangerous to drivers and a huge frustration to engineers and public work managers when determining a repair approach. USG’s bridge approach repair services is a fast, no excavation solution for stabilizing and leveling the transition.

Bridge Approach and Departure Slab Leveling by USG

Chemical grouting with polyurethane is a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to level your bridge approach and departure slabs. Polyurethane foam is injected into the compromised soils and voids below the slabs. This high density foam expands and fills any voids beneath the slabs, as well bringing them back up to level. Deep soil compaction with polyurethane chemical grouting is an excellent way to lift and stabilize these transition slabs.

Chemical Grouting Can Save Your Existing Bridge Approach and Departure Slabs

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The signs of damage to your bridge approach and departure slabs may not be obvious. Here are the signs it’s time to call USG:

  • The joints of your concrete slabs are no longer level.
  • There are cracks in the concrete or asphalt that make up the slabs.
  • There is visible soil washout from around the bridge approach or departure slabs.
  • There is water pooling on the bridge approach or departure slabs.
  • When you drive over the joints where the concrete slabs meet, you feel a large bump.

What sets our Bridge Approach and Departure Slab Leveling Service apart from others?

  • Polyurethane cures quickly.
  • Repairing your bridge approaches or departure slabs with chemical grouting does not require excavation, unlike traditional repair methods, or choosing to replace.
  • Leveling the existing slabs is more cost-effective than replacement.
  • Replacement requires more labor, as well as more supplies.
  • Polyurethane chemical grout injection is a long-term solution for damaged or unlevel bridge approach and departure slabs.
  • Polyurethane chemical grouting is minimally invasive, allowing for less disruption your surrounding infrastructure.

How does it work?

  • Polyurethane is hydrophobic
  • Polyurethane is durable and made to last
  • Polyurethane is environmentally inert and will not leach chemicals into the environment
  • Chemical grouting is efficient and effective
  • Chemical grouting is minimally invasive and cost effective
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