Case Study: Bank Trip Hazard Mitigation and Caulking at a Pennsylvania Bank

A Pennsylvania Bank faced a pressing issue with trip hazards in its concrete walkway. The safety and accessibility of the bank’s premises were compromised due to uneven surfaces, posing a potential risk to customers and staff.
To address these trip hazards effectively, the bank sought a solution that would not only mitigate the immediate safety concerns but also provide long-term durability and protection for the walkway.

Utility Services Group, Inc. (USG) was entrusted with the task of resolving the trip hazard issue at Members First Bank. Their comprehensive solution included polyurethane injection and caulking to ensure a safe and lasting outcome.
USG initiated the project by employing NCFI’s Terrathaneā„¢ 24-010 polyurethane injection. The strategic approach involved injecting polyurethane through the curb to lift and level the uneven concrete surfaces. When injected, polyurethane expands into a strong lightweight foam, which lifts the sidewalk back to grade. This method provided a precise and effective means of addressing the trip hazards, restoring the walkway to a safe and even condition.
In addition to polyurethane injection, USG laid caulk to seal the concrete after injection. This caulking not only contributed to a visually appealing finish, but also played a crucial role in protecting the repaired surface from the rigors of snow removal, ensuring its longevity.

The Bank Trip Hazard Mitigation and Caulking project at the bank yielded several notable results:

  1. Longevity and Safety: The even surface achieved through polyurethane injection and caulking provided a durable and safe walkway for customers and staff. The elimination of trip hazards enhanced the overall safety of the bank’s premises.
  2. Protection from Snow Removal: The caulking not only sealed the concrete but also served as a protective barrier, safeguarding the repaired surface from damage during snow removal operations.
  3. Enhanced Aesthetics: The project resulted in a visually appealing walkway, creating a positive impression for visitors to Members First Bank.

In conclusion, Utility Services Group, Inc. successfully executed the Trip Hazard Mitigation and Caulking project, addressing trip hazards, and enhancing safety at the bank. This case study highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach to walkway repair, combining polyurethane injection and caulking for lasting results in both safety and aesthetics.