Case Study: Sinkhole Stabilization Project

The Problem:
In  Pennsylvania, an industrial park faced a pressing issue related to its drainage inlet. Infiltration and inflow problems within the inlet had caused significant water drainage issues and soil erosion underneath an adjacent road, ultimately leading to the formation of a sinkhole. The sinkhole posed a considerable threat not only to the stability of the road but also to the overall safety and functionality of the industrial park. Addressing this challenge required a strategic solution to stabilize the inlet, prevent further erosion, and restore the road’s integrity in a timely and minimally disruptive fashion.

The Solution:
Utility Services Group, Inc. (USG) undertook the task of resolving the sinkhole issue at the Industrial Park. Their solution entailed a multi-step approach to address the drainage inlet’s problems effectively.
USG initiated the project by injecting NCFI’s polyurethane Terrathane™ 24-003 around the sinkhole, with the primary objectives of stabilizing and sealing the inlet. When injected, the polyurethane expands, filling any voids and sealing the inlet from further water intrusion. This process also densified the soil up to the surface, providing a stable foundation to mitigate further erosion risks.
To ensure the success of the project, USG employed closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitoring of the inlet during the injection process. This meticulous oversight allowed them to ensure success of the injection while also identify and address any potential complications promptly. During the monitoring, outcroppings were observed coming out through separated joints in the inlet, necessitating additional attention.

To complete the project and enhance the zone’s aesthetics, cold patching was employed to provide a clean and visually pleasing finish.

The Results:
The Commercial Complex Sinkhole Stabilization Project was executed efficiently, with USG completing the entire operation in just four hours. The results were highly successful and delivered multiple key outcomes:

  1. Inlet Stabilization and Sealing: The polyurethane injection successfully stabilized and sealed the drainage inlet, eliminating the immediate sinkhole threat.
  2. Soil Density Restoration: The project effectively restored soil density up to the surface, ensuring the stability of the adjacent road and surrounding area.
  3. Mitigated Outcroppings: Through careful monitoring and prompt action, USG managed to address and clean out outcroppings that were discovered during the injection process.
  4. Aesthetically Pleasing Finish: The use of cold patching contributed to an aesthetically pleasing finish, ensuring the area’s visual appeal.

In conclusion, Utility Services Group, Inc. demonstrated their expertise in efficiently and effectively addressing the sinkhole issue at the Goodman Industrial Park. This case study highlights the importance of proactive solutions and the successful restoration of both functionality and aesthetics in critical infrastructure projects.