Case Study: Sinkhole Remediation in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

The Problem:
In Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, a residential property faced a critical issue – the presence of sinkholes, particularly one adjacent to a playground area. Traditional sinkhole fill methods had been previously employed, but failed to provide a lasting solution.

The proximity of the sinkhole to a playground raised significant safety concerns for the property owner. The presence of waterlines and geothermal wells also added complexity to the remediation effort. Addressing these sinkhole issues required a precise and effective solution that would not only stabilize the area, but also ensure long-term durability.

The Solution:
Utility Services Group, Inc. (USG) undertook the task of addressing the sinkhole problem at the Chambersburg residence, employing NCFI’s advanced Terrathane™ 24-003 polyurethane.

The solution began with a targeted approach to stabilize the soil around the sinkhole. This involved injecting polyurethane to bind the soil together. This created a solid foundation that would prevent further sinkhole formation. The surgical precision of this approach was essential due to the presence of delicate waterlines and geothermal wells in the vicinity.
USG executed the remediation in two stages of injection to ensure comprehensive coverage and stability. Additionally, they employed a special aggregate to plug the sinkhole effectively.

The Results:
The utilization of NCFI’s Terrathane™ 24-003 polyurethane proved to be a robust and lightweight solution for addressing this sinkhole issue. Several key results were achieved:

  1. Durability in Water: The polyurethane used demonstrated remarkable resistance to water, ensuring that it would not deteriorate over time due to environmental factors.
  2. Bridging Effect: USG’s approach created a bridging effect with the polyurethane, further enhancing the stability of the soil and preventing future sinkhole formation.
  3. Safety and Playground Accessibility: The sinkhole adjacent to the playground was effectively stabilized, mitigating safety concerns, and ensuring the continued safe use of the recreational area.
  4. Preservation of Infrastructure: The surgical approach taken during the remediation successfully preserved the integrity of the waterlines and geothermal wells, avoiding any damage during the process.

In conclusion, Utility Services Group, Inc. demonstrated their expertise in addressing sinkhole issues with precision and effectiveness. This case study underscores the importance of utilizing advanced polyurethane solutions and a tailored approach to ensure both immediate stabilization and long-term durability in sinkhole remediation projects.