Case Study: Soil Stabilization at Beverage Bottling Facility

The Problem:
A beverage bottling facility faced a formidable challenge stemming from soft soils that extended up to 8 feet beneath its operations area. These soft soils resulted from floor drainage problems, causing settlement issues, particularly noticeable on a carousel within the facility. The carousel’s densely packed equipment made accessibility challenging, and there were significant concerns regarding the facility’s sanitization protocols. Additionally, the prospect of adding substantial weight to the area raised further apprehensions.

The Solution:
Utility Services Group, Inc. (USG) took on the task of addressing these complex issues. Their strategy involved a meticulous approach to restore soil density and provide a stable foundation for the facility’s equipment.
USG initiated the project by drilling a total of 180 holes, each at two different depths. These holes were  injected with NCFI’s Terrathane™ 24-003, aimed at restoring soil density and support to the floor. The injected polyurethane expanded into a structural foam, which densifies loose soils and strengthens the soil’s load bearing capacity.

A key innovation was the use of a portable proportioner setup, enabling the deployment of dual-component systems while utilizing the facility’s electric infrastructure. This approach not only streamlined the process but also addressed concerns over access in the densely packed equipment area.

The Results:
The project unfolded over two separate weekends, with USG’s expert team executing the plan meticulously. The primary objective of stabilizing the soil was successfully achieved, evidenced by a positive influence on laser monitors, which indicated that the soil had reached the desired level of support.
By stabilizing the soil, the project not only resolved settlement issues but also laid a reliable foundation for the facility’s equipment. This stability ensured that the facility could subsequently calibrate its equipment accurately, maintaining operational efficiency while addressing concerns about sanitization and additional weight.

In conclusion, Utility Services Group, Inc. demonstrated their expertise and innovative solutions in soil stabilization, effectively resolving the challenging soil issues at the bottling facility. This case study highlights the importance of tailored approaches and the positive impact of soil stabilization on facility operations and reliability.